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Speaking Softly
Occasionally Using My Big Stick
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24th-Apr-2011 05:28 pm - Happy Easter!!
thinky thoughts
For all those who celebrate Easter, have a very happy holiday. For those who don't, have a wonderful day filled with spring joy.

And a message from your local rabbit rescue: Rabbits are for life, not just for Easter. Hoppy day to all!!
27th-Mar-2011 03:45 pm - The Hermione/Rose Project
I've had a hard time thinking of topics to write about. My muse is faltering, and at some point the daily dramas of the frozen north aren't even interesting to me anymore. Inspiration, however, has perhaps struck.

Back in February I set out to achieve a lifelong ambition - to take a cake decorating class. At the very first class I laid eyes on it... "The Cake Bible" by Rose Levy Beranbaum. An illustrated guide ranging from basic pound cake to tiered towers of magnificent fondant, it not only addresses recipes but also the chemistry of baking. I'm already captivated by the book. (After all, who other than a fanatic reads a cookbook cover-to-cover?) Maybe, I contemplated, I have a new ambition: bake my way through "The Cake Bible".

This will not just be about cakes; I figure I can weave some fandom into it. Canon is filled with food after all. And, of all the characters I can see undertaking this effort, Hermione seems the most likely to meticulously make her way through a book dedicated to the science of baking. So, this will be the Hermione/Rose Project.

In my first installment, I have dubbed the Cordon Rose Banana Cake the Weasleys' Favorite Banana Cake. Requiring just basic ingredients, including overripe bananas destined for the compost heap, this baked up quickly with a perfect brown crust. Lightly sweet and almost fluffy on the inside, Beranbaum is dead on when she says this cake doesn't require frosting. While the Weasleys would probably scarf through at least 2 or 3 of these 9" round cakes, they could do so without taxing Molly's time or budget. In fact, given that Beranbaum throws out the time honored tradition of creaming butter & sugar in favor of throwing ingredients in the mixer (in a specific order), this recipe could probably even be tackled by the boys. If they wanted to. Or they could just wait for Molly to do it.

Note: Please email me if you would like the recipe for any cake you see. While I would encourage you to buy a copy of "The Cake Bible" for your library, recipes are not copyrighted material, and I will happily send you the easier ones. (In other words, I am not sending out instructions on how to assemble three tiered wedding cakes.)
11th-Nov-2010 11:49 pm - Scavenger Hunt: Day 11
Anyone who kept up with my 30 Days of Positive has seen the hideous mess that was my bedroom. And, I hate to say it, but the same mess has now infected the family room table. *cringe*

4th-Nov-2010 08:42 pm - Scavenger Hunt: Day 4
guinea pigs!
My favorite pajamas! Yes, those are teal scottie dogs on yellow flannel pants. My comfort knows no fashion sense. :)

3rd-Nov-2010 09:31 pm - Scavenger Hunt: Day 3
My eccentric aunt has contributed a number of, um, interesting pieces to my decor. These two, however, are my favorites. Perched on a funny little shelf above my refrigerator stand my cookie and candy jars. On the left, a shark cookie jar that plays the Jaws theme song. On the right, a Jelly Belly candy jar that says the names of jelly bean flavors very quickly in a slightly demonic voice. I was terribly close to including a video...

2nd-Nov-2010 08:53 pm - Scavenger Hunt: Day 2
thinky thoughts
My favorite drink and cup!

Green tea with peppermint, spearmint and lemongrass served in a Christmas stocking mug. This is the best mug EVER. Yes, I really use it year round. :)
1st-Nov-2010 08:33 pm - Scavenger Hunt: Day 1
thinky thoughts

My favorite socks - polar fleece with reindeer!

Have a great one!!
This is not only my present from the exchange, it is a beautifully crafted, angst-filled story that surpasses my wildest dreams. Hermione and Severus are artfully painted in their halting and tenuous dance to the tune of her unbridled grief. With minimal romance, it makes a great read for non-SS/HG shippers too!

The Quality of Silence (R)
Warnings: Character Death, Disturbing Themes, Language, Angst
Summary: "We don't really even know what it IS, exactly. Or how it works. There's something...odd about the individual molecules in the stone. The bonds are so...loose. There's a strange sort of resonance it gives off...almost like a tuning fork. Like it's singing to a certain part of our brain. A very old part. The part that is afraid of the dark, but can't look away."

Thank you so much, mystery author!! If you're going to be at Infinitus, I'd love to *squish* you in person! :D
6th-Apr-2010 04:34 pm - Happy Birthday, blueartemis07!!

Hope you have a wonderful day! I'll happily write you a birthday drabble (after the SSHG Exchange deadline!) if you'd like to give me a prompt. :D
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